The Vegan side of Georgia – introducing Kiwi café

A Kiwi riding a Kiwi bicycle, we even found that in Georgia!

We felt really welcome when we walked into Kiwi Café, the first Vegan Café in Tbilisi. The bright paintings on the walls and the cosy atmosphere make us feel at home. The first time we passed by this café, it was still not open, and we were really glad to see that now it is working with full heat.

If you’re visiting Georgia and you want to have a vegan supra (the Georgian term for dinner), this is the right place to go. Every meal is 100% fresh, raw and natural and the prices are more than fair.


We especially like the price of wine, ‘cause, you know, wine is always natural.

What we like the most about this small cafe is the big hearts of the people who own it. The crew working there is more like a family than colleagues. They have one goal and they are working to achieve it with their best intentions, and that is to promote activism and the healthy vegan way of living in Tbilisi.


When we asked them what their motto is, they answered: Food not Bombs

The food was delicious and the people were very friendly, that’s why this place definitely deserves a place on our USE-IT map.


Georgian cuisine is a paradise for vegans and vegetarians. The most popular Georgian dishes don’t contain meat and the price of the vegetables is low, for example, on the bazaar you can buy a kilo of tomatoes for 1 lari (or 0.40 euros ), that’s why our kitchen shelves are always full.

Our top 3 favorite dishes from Kiwi Cafe are:

* Falafel (wrapped or on plate with tabbouleh salad, both with tahini sauce and spicy tomato sauce)

*Their wonderful pasta

*Raw salad with **special** raw dressing


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